I understand that the information transmitted in these trainings must be applied according to the field of practice of each practitioner. I also understand that the information is not a substitute for medical treatment.

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Introduction to Applied Kinesiology

Discover the foundations of Applied Kinesiology

The presentation covers the following concepts:

  • Definition of Chiropractic
  • Definition of Applied Kinesiology 
  • Triad of health - Structure / Nutrition / Emotion
  • History of Applied Kinesiology
  • Dr George J Goodheart Jr DC
  • Different "types" of muscle inhibitions 
           - Can we train an inhibited muscle ? 
           - How the body manifests different types of inhibitions?
           - Indicator muscle vs hyperfacilitated muscle    
  • Concept of challenge
  • Therapy localization
  • Traumatic injury vs insidious 
  • Chapman (NL) reflex and Bennett (NV) reflex
  • AK Neuro gustatory evaluation      
    - Impact on NMS conditions
    - History of neuro-gustatory evaluation in AK     
    - Neurology of neuro-gustatory evaluation
    - Fundamental research on taste
    - Interpretation of results from neurogustatory testing