ICAK international meeting MONTREAL 2023
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Confirmed speakers for the meeting, see conference details below!

  • Dr John Bandy, chiropractor (USA)
  • Dr Richard Belli, chiropractor (USA)
  • Dr Robert M. Blaich, chiropractor (USA)
  • Dr Trevor Chetcutti, chiropractor (Australia)
  • Dr François Fortin, chiropractor (Canada)
  • Dr Geneviève Gagné, chiropractor (Canada)
  • Dr Steve Gangemi, chiropractor (USA)
  • Dr Hans Garten, MD (Germany)
  • Dr Charles Héroux, chiropractor (Canada)
  • Dr Maxime Lavoie, chiropractor (Canada)
  • Dr David Leaf, chiropractor (Canada)
  • Dr Noah Lebowitz, chiropractor (USA)
  • Dr Joe Smith, chiropractor (USA)
  • Dr Susan Walker, chiropractor (Australia)
  • Dr Kik Gair, chiropractor (USA)
  • Dr Zeya Alikhan, chiropractor (Canada)
  • Dr Agné Cervo Peres, Dental surgeon (Brazil)
  • Dr Roseli Luppino Peres, Dental surgeon (Brazil)
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Applied Kinesiology as Science and Art

Dr Robert M. Blaich, DC,  DIBAK.

Developing the theme of “The Science Behind the Magic” is an opportunity to look at Applied Kinesiology’s unique ability to bridge science and art. In over 45 years of practicing and teaching Applied Kinesiology, I have been intrigued by our role as Physician and Healer. Dr. Goodheart brilliantly combined these traits both in clinical practice and in his development and teaching of AK.

The magic happens when we know and apply the science and do it in a humanistic way. In my presentation I’ll be describing insights gleaned from Dr. Goodheart, that are rooted in the basis of AK.  Using the same science as traditional medicine, our perspective opens the potential of restoring and maintaining normal function as well as promoting optimal function in our patients.

Expanding on AK Cranial technique, I will discuss and demonstrate how precision, finesse and specificity can make the magic happen and enormously improve the effect of the treatment. 

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Neural Excitation:
A simple Applied Kinesiology approach to improving visual and vestibular balance

Dr Trevor Chetcutti, DC, DIBAK

Trevor graduated as a Chiropractor in 1999. He is a diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology, Certified in NET and is the current chair of the International Board of Research and Standards. He has been a long term contributor to the ICAK, has a passion for Neuroimmunology and practices in Melbourne, Australia.

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Injuries, Areas of Disturbance: Rationale and Relevance in Practice 

Dr Hans Garten MD, DIBAK

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A new look within the lymphatic system

Dr François Fortin DC, DIBAK

  • Chiropractic doctor, graduated from UQTR in 2007
  • DIBAK since 2010
  • 500 hours in the Barral and Upledger institute
  • 2007-2010: chiropractor at the prestigious clinic "La Triade Santé" in Magog
  • 2010-present time: co-owner of AS2, an holistic polyclinic of 17 professionals in Quebec city
  • Co-founder and co-teacher and of the class "Biomechanical approach of applied kinesiology", a 50 hours class from 2011 to 2020
  • Co-teacher of the class "Microbiota influences on the neuro-musculo-skelettal system"


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The Interosseous Membrane Test:
Evaluation and Correction of Persistent Leg and Forearm Dysfunctions

Dr Stephen Gangemi, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN

Dr. Gangemi will present his unique and highly effective interosseous membrane protocol to help resolve acute and chronic pain and stability issues of the forearm and lower leg. You will learn how to test, treat, and correct this common problem once and for all! 

Dr. Gangemi is a chiropractic physician and clinical nutritionist with a passion for natural health care specifically in the fields of nutrition and manual therapies. He has over 25 years of clinical experience as a practitioner of complementary sports medicine and holistic therapies for patients dealing with a variety of ailments such as hormonal imbalances, digestive disturbances, immune dysfunction, and musculoskeletal problems. His practice focuses on not just treating his patient’s health concerns, but helping them move better and live healthier lives. 

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It's all just a matter of perception !

Dr Geneviève Gagné, DC, DIBAK. 


Graduate from chiropractic university in 2008, but started AK in 2003 ( shhhhuuuuuttt !!!!) got my DIBAK in 2014 and started teaching RNR technique in 2017. I have been learning as much as possible since then on primitive reflex, developmental disorders and functional neurology to bring this all accessible and appliable to AK. 


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An AK Approach to Vagus Nerve Dysfunction

Dr Richard Belli, D.C., D.A.C.N.B., F.A.B.N.N., C.F.M.P.

The Vagus nerve or the “wanderer” innervates virtually all viscera with both motor and sensory fibers. It affects visceral motor activity including digestion, intestinal motility, and overall parasympathetic function. Additionally, there is a powerful Vagal immune reflex and anti-inflammatory system. Therefore, correcting Vagal dysfunction may be the answer to many chronically inflamed and “difficult” patients. This presentation will discuss the anatomy and physiology of the Vagal autonomic effect, as well as the Vagal immune reflex and anti-inflammatory circuits. In this presentation, the learner will understand not only structural and cranial corrections to Vagal dysfunction but will also learn electro stim and laser applications. And finally, there will be a discussion neurotransmitter function, nutritional support as well as corrective exercises.

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Nutritional Supplements.
What the manufacturers don't tell you, but you need to know; And how to accurately muscle test for multi ingredient supplements

Dr Noah Lebowitz DC

-I will talk about how to accurately read a supplement label, and what companies often don't include on a label. Using the highest quality products is key in getting your patients better. We will also talk about how to properly test multi ingredient products that include ingredients which may be good, bad, and irrelevant, all in one. Multi ingredient products often yield false negative or false positives with normative muscle testing.

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Clinical Applications for Neurogenic Inflammation

Dr Joe Smith, DC, DIBAK, DACNB

Part 1: I will define what neurogenic inflammation is and how it results from  a central integrated state of the CNS that leads to release from all the nerve terminals: CGRP- (migraines edema), substance P- pain, and VIP- (bone marrow ILC2- immune polarization). My plan is to spend some time on each of the three outcomes and how they present clinically then discuss the last part which is the how this impacts mast cell degranulation and the consequence of that on the central integrated state— basically a vicious cycle.  I will discuss traditional and alternative medics approaches to these sequelae. 

Part 2: I will be teaching an AK approach to triangulating the level(s) contributing to the Neurogenic inflammation using Suprasegmental muscle testing 

For the  pons, cerebellum,midbrain. And how do use finger to thumb, big toe extensor  and palate elevation as a motor assessment for the cortical spinal and medulla respectively. 

We will workshop for ~15 minutes the suprasegmental muscle testing  

Part 3: I will summarize what do do with that information from a modality perspective and how to approach that nutritionally in addition to the obvious discussion about mast cell stability. Attendees should have and introduction to a working model of how they can identify if their chosen techniques and therapies are positively impacting neurogenic inflammation. 

Vidéo presentation for Dr Joe's conference:


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Optometric & Chiropractic Collaboration in a Teen with Unresolved Birth Trauma

Dr Susan Walker, DC, DIBAK.

This presentation discusses two cases of clavicle injury and the enduring effects stemming from this dysfunction. Intraosseous subluxation and Body-In-Distortion are two basic procedures relied upon to assist diagnosis and correction.  

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The use of flower remedies in clinical practice with an AK approach

Dr Maxime Lavoie, DC, DIBAK.

Hi, my name is Dr Maxime Lavoie, chiropractor, DIBAK.
I have been in practice here in Montreal for 11 years now and I am
very excited to meet you all in May in our beautiful city!
I will be presenting on a subject that I am very passionate about:
The use of flower remedies in clinical practice - using an AK approach.
We'll go over their history, different applications and I will share a way to implement their use
into your AK practice as soon as you get back home!
Hopefully I can transmit you my passion for these amazing tools that have contributed to many
great results in my practice.
See you soon!

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Encoded visceral memory:

A clinical application of interoception

Dr Charles Héroux, DC, DIBAK.

We all have chronic patients with whom we have done everything to get them better. Most of them are feeling better, but frequently they are either prone to relapse or they are not completely well. This is especially the case in patients who have lived through visceral symptoms for a long time.

The chronicity of a symptom or a condition creates a new “reality” of themselves in their brains. Bud Craig in his book, “How do you feel” explains the concept of interoception and the neurological pathways that linked how we feel inside our body to our brain. In his presentation, Dr Héroux will explain how we can use this idea of interoception with some AK concepts to rewire the brain to help these chronic patients.

By combining the initial concept of Encoded Memory from Dr Goodheart, with some ideas brought by Dr John Schmitt with the Heart Focused technique we can potentially influenced “How we feel” inside our body. This simple procedure will give you an extra tool to evaluate some of your complex cases on Monday morning!

Looking forward to see you in Montreal,


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Serratus Posterior: The “missing” muscle in Applied Kinesiology

Dr Zeya Alikhan, DC, DIBAK.

The aim of this talk is to introduce the Serratus Posterior muscle into AK. The importance of this posterior stabilizer of the rib cage will be addressed, its clinical application as well as a muscle test for the AK community to refine upon.


Zeya Alikhan graduated from the chiropractic college in Toronto in 1991, started studying Applied Kinesiology in 1993 and passed his DIBAK exam in 2022. He has been practicing in Bancroft, Ontario since 1994.


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The use of non thermal lasers to enhance AK protocols and outcomes 

Dr Kirk Gair, chiropractor
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Dr Agné Cervo Peres, dental surgeon

Nowadays, the dysfunctions resulting from dental clenching have increased a lot. Patients have presented muscle disorders with consequences of problems in other regions of the body, whether chemical, emotional or structural problems.

With mastication muscle stretching therapy and other therapies we managed to alleviate these problems.

  • Specialist in Functional Jaw Orthopedics
  • President of ICAK BRAZIL
  • Vice President of the Society of Systemic Dentistry of São Paulo
  • Lectures and courses in Brazil and internationally


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Dr Roseli Luppino Peres, Dental surgeon

Today Dentistry must look at the general well-being of our patients, their level of development, their learning and their quality of life. It is also important that they collaborate in the differential diagnosis of scoliosis, headaches, pain in the ears, hyperactivity, depression and dyslexia, respiratory, digestive, visual problems, that is, the patient should always be seen as a unit, no biological system works on its own, independent of the rest of the organism, this is the main focus of Systemic Dentistry.

  • Specialist in Functional Jaw Orthopedics
  • Vice-President of ICAK BRAZIL
  • President of the Society of Systemic Dentistry of São Paulo
  • Lectures and courses in Brazil and internationally


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