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Some BrainInterlink improvements you don’t see every day:
∞ 45-year-old male with brain stem stroke. Loss of speech, cannot cough or swallow and with
constant sialorrhea.
– After 5-treatments, no longer drools, has begun swallowing and can cough enough to dislodge food stuck in the throat.
∞ 14-year old boy with genetic dyscoordination – would dropping things, miss the glass when
pouring, unable to use both hands simultaneously.
– After one treatment, his situation changed dramatically, so much so that the physiotherapist treating his condition was
∞ 50+ year old man with speech impediment that began 10-years prior to first visit. Speaks slowly,
having a lazy tongue where the tip is less sensitive. With time his speech is gradually
worsening such that he must concentrate to pronounce.
– After 4-treatments his speech is returning, is able to use his tongue in pronunciation and those who know him are
amazed at the amount of speech recovery.
∞ 26-year old male with anxiety and agitation, leading to panic attacks. Went on week-end binges that
would help him to cope.
– Following one treatment to down-regulate bilateral hemispheric up-regulation, he is much improved, doesn’t feel the
need to binge and the anxiety is gone.

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