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After our extended research the past 2 years, this claim can be made. The BrainRecovery Interlink protocol will not only fulfil and surpass all your expectations, but will give you the tools with which to identify and treat the brain using a non-invasive, Brain State Dependent, brain stimulation.
BrainRecovery Interlink employs a simultaneous bottom-up and top-down treatment protocol that is enhanced with a precise somatosensory brain stimulus. The therapeutic triangulation of input is directed to the specific brain area requiring plasticity stimulus. Due to this, BrainRecovery is able to produce far better long-term potentiation changes that are linked to non-compensatory plasticity.

The first weekend will teach the diagnostic protocols used that will lead to damaged brain-site identification, followed by cross-check, confirmation evaluations using transcranial vibration and percussion. Using the multiple brain stimulus examination procedures allows for a better differential diagnostic conclusion. Once a brain site has
been determined, the paired associative stimulus (PAS) area that is coupled to the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is identified. Finally, a simultaneous therapeutic input is made from the periphery, the skull and somatosensory

No other non-invasive brain stimulus can compare with the results found following BrainRecovery Interlink.

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