AK preparatory module

This is the STARTING point in your AK learning!

Learn the basic concepts of AK, master muscle testing, discover evaluation and therapeutic tools that will help you with your patients.

**Preparatory module is included with  The Livestream modules**

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More than 100 Manuel Muscle Test demo

Upper limb
Lower limb
Pelvis and pelvic floor

AK general concepts

Learn how to find vectors of correction for the vertebrae, pelvis, and peripheral joints

How to differentiate a "subluxation" from a vertebral "fixation"

Interaction between vertebral segments according to walking pattern

Vertebral movement with trunk flexion and extension

Memory of trauma (Injury Recall Technique - IRT)

Evaluation and therapeutic tools

Tools for the correction of inhibited muscles or muscles showing trigger points

Impact of scars and skin lesions

Bent bones

Residual pain on ligaments

Muscular coordination

Preparatory module opens the door...

The preparatory module is essential to fully understand the concepts that will be put forward in the next courses or any other training in Applied Kinesiology.

Mastery of muscle testing is essential in Applied Kinesiology. Videos in this module will help you at each stage of your progression in AK. It will be essential to devote a lot of time to the practice of muscle tests. The best strategy is to practice with an experienced AK practitioner. It is an art, the precision of the information that you will be able to obtain with the muscle tests improves with experience. "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!".


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